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SnowHawk 2015

SnowHawk 2015

Welcome to the home page of SnowHawk, the Merit Badge Clinic sponsored by the Milwaukee South Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Location: Stake Center – 9600 W. Grange Ave., Hales Corners, WI
Days: January 10, 2015 & February 28, 2015
Time: 8:30a – 1:00p


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How Does SnowHawk Work?

The clinic is broken up into 2 days. On the first day of the clinic, the scouts and counselors meet one another and discuss preliminary topics related to the badge they are working on. Then, there is at least a 3 week gap before the second day of Snowhawk. On that second day, the scouts meet again with their same counselor and present any assignments required by the merit badge, and finish any discussion items related to the badge.

A scout can register for up to 3 badges in the clinic. Each day of the clinic is divided into 3 sessions, corresponding to the badge(s) chosen. The scout attends the same session on both days of the clinic.

An example:
Fred Scout wants to take Aviation, First Aid and Family Life. All these badges meet in each of the sessions. He signs up for all three, and is scheduled for Aviation in the 1st session, First Aid in the 2nd session, and Family Life in the 3rd session. On the first day of the clinic, he will meet with the Aviation counselor in the first session for 90 minutes. After that is over, he switches to First Aid for Session 2, also 90 minutes. A break gives a chance for him to eat the lunch he brought. Finally, in his third session he meets with the Family Life counselor. There are other scouts in each of these sessions. The groups vary by session. Some of the badge requirements have now been met. Others he will have to work on in the intervening weeks. When the second day of the clinic rolls around, he attends the sessions in the same order where his work is reviewed, and additional requirements are covered. Provided he has done what is necessary, he can complete the badges. Should Fred need additional time, the counselor is available after the clinic on an individually arranged basis.

Scout Registration

For Scouts


Step 1 – Know What To Bring

  • YOU! In full field (Class A, tan shirt) uniform. Shirt only, hat and scout pants are not required (but do wear some kind of pants, please!!)
  • A printed copy of the worksheet of the badges for which you signed up (you can get it from the table below), along with a pen or pencil.
  • The merit badge booklet, if you have one.
  • Something for lunch. There will be a snack provided, but not a lunch.


Step 2 – Choose Your Merit Badges

You can take up to 3 merit badges during SnowHawk.

View SnowHawk 2015 Merit Badges (NOTE: LIST MAY CHANGE)

See a merit badge you like? Click the merit badge to learn more about it, and then view the PDF of  the Worksheet to see all requirements!


Step 3 – Get Registered!

Click Now to Register for SnowHawk!

Under 13?

Be sure to have a parent or scout leader help you fill out the form if you do not have an email address.

For Leaders

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